ZenShields Canada - Reusable Face Shield - Pro - Kids

ZenShields Canada - Reusable Face Shield - Pro - Kids

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Zen Maker Lab Inc.’s environmentally friendly Pro - Kids reusable face shield is made with the same quality as our Frontliner and Pro models but in a size appropriate for a child.  It is designed to cover the entire face and is liquid resistant.  They are easy to assemble and sanitize at home in a few minutes. The headband is made of corn-based PLA and is biodegradable, the shield plastic and the head band is recyclable.

Zen Maker Lab Inc. holds a Medical Device Establishment License Number assigned by Health Canada:  MDEL 12738



  Thin Film Shield - Polyethylene Terephthalate

  3D Printed Parts - PETG or PLA

  Straps - Nylon or Latex


  Shield: 200mm by 180mm


  Easy disinfection by Wipe down or Submerge

Impact Resistant

Head Strap Included

Liquid Resistant


Class 1 Medical Device