ZenShields Canada - Reusable Face Shield - Air Kids

ZenShields Canada - Reusable Face Shield - Air Kids

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Zen Maker Lab Inc.’s environmentally friendly reusable face shield corrects hazards such as splashes from hazardous materials.  It is designed to cover the entire face, it has a splash guard, and is liquid resistant.  These face shields meet the requirements specified by Health Canada for eye protection. The headband and the shield are recyclable and the headband holder is made from a corn starch material (PLA) and is biodegradable. This face shield is proudly made in British Columbia, Canada.

Zen Maker Lab Inc. holds a Medical Device Establishment License Number assigned by Health Canada:  MDEL 12738 (Company ID 154767)



  Thin Film Shield - Polyethylene Terephthalate


  Shield: 370mm by 200mm


  Easy disinfection by Wipe down or Submerge

Impact Resistant

Liquid Resistant